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Who we are

We are a research and prototyping studio run by 50 young tech talents, on a mission to fast forward the impact of emerging tech on business and planet. We prototype hardware, software and AI, growing tech leadership of students and clients along the way. 

Are you a talented student combining tech knowledge, creativity and pragmatism? Are you an enthusiastic, hands-on teamplayer, ready to use business as a force for good? Come help our clients innovate ten years earlier and keep on pushing status quo.  

Our core values

We learn, we lead

We run on a prototyping mindset. Learning is our leading principle. Imperfection is our fuel. Whether it is our projects or our people, our learning is never finished. For we believe that only those who focus on growth, will push status quo.

Team first

All we do is teamplay. Be it students or CTO’s, we are all in. Our differences bring new perspectives, our shared drive improves our work. We are collectively responsible, yet individually accountable to give our best and share with others. That’s how we all get better.

Pushing status quo

We love the frontier. Finding out what’s next, using cutting edge knowledge. Yet it is not about tech, but about using it wisely to make things better, smarter, cleaner, easier. We’re always open for the daring looking to build new ideas that prove itself meaningful. Ready to fast forward.

Job openings

We're always on the lookout for the best (tech) talent

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Client Delivery
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